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Finding and retaining quality Salesforce talent is more challenging than ever. Succeed without stress by getting plugged into our community of Salesforce Experts. We provide all of the skills and technology you need to run a successful Salesforce program.

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"With 10K, we’re able to have complex architecture questions answered, as well as detailed analysis on time and resources needed to complete, in order for us to make intelligent business decisions"

Daniel Webster, Namely

How It Works

Step 1:

Join our Community

After signing up you'll work with our team to define your expertise needs, team structure, and delivery process. From there we'll grant your team access to our 10K Community where you can request experts, manage your projects, collaborate with other community members, and manage all aspects of your account.

Step 2:

Discovery and Onboarding

We will introduce you to your team and kick off the project; from there you may work with your new team in whatever capacity is best for you. We typically start with a series of discovery sessions to get up to speed on your Salesforce environments. This gives the 10K team the ability to make recommendations for quick wins, architectural changes, delivery processes, and general improvement opportunities they find after this initial discovery.

Step 3:

Get to Work

Start assigning stories for your 10K team to execute. We provide advanced technology to help you manage the entire process, including tools that check quality of deliverables and help streamline release management.

Ensuring Your Success

We are dedicated to your success. Our Delivery Success team works alongside our experts to ensure that delivery quality meets your high standards, and our Client Success team works closely with you to ensure that you are getting the value you expect from our services.

Why partner with 10K Advisors?

Work with Top Salesforce Talent

Apply the experience of some of the top Salesforce Admins, Developers, Architects, and Consultants in the world to your Salesforce program.

Trust Our Verified Expertise

Every 10K Expert goes through our unique skills verification process to ensure you get the right expertise at the right time.

Access Diverse Skills On-Demand

We give you access to hundreds of skills without the need for retainers or complex contracts. You only pay for what you use.

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