Being an independent consultant in the Salesforce ecosystem can be professionally and financially rewarding, but the headaches of running your own business and finding clients can be intense. Join our vibrant network of Salesforce admins, developers, architects and consultants and focus on the work you love to do.

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“As an independent contractor, you want to know that your employer understands what you need to deliver excellent results and can support you in achieving this goal - 10K Advisors hit this mark and then some!”

- Mike Gill, Independent Contractor, Technical Architect

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Focus on the work you love, not the logistics

It’s a headache to hustle for work and hound clients for payments. Being part of the 10K community lets you focus instead on what you do best - making clients successful.

Learn from other talented Salesforce experts

Deepen your expertise and network with other Salesforce experts. Get access to exclusive Salesforce training, resources and 10K’s library of best practices.

Get support for yourself and your business

Working as an independent consultant can be challenging. The 10K support team will provide the support you need so you don’t have to go it alone.

How it works

step 1

Tell us about yourself

Applying for the 10K Community is easy! Provide your basic contact information, link to your Salesforce certifications and your Trailhead badges, and we’ll work together to learn more about you, your skillset, and career goals. All of this information will build your 10K Community profile and help us identify projects best suited for you.

step 2

Learn from the 10K community

The 10K community is filled with valuable information and training to increase your knowledge of Salesforce, consulting, and general business best practices. As an active expert, you can collaborate with some of the best and brightest minds from the community!

step 3

Let's get to work

As a qualified 10K Expert, you will be presented with opportunities to work on projects and earn money! We use your achievements and skills to match you with our client projects. Once you are working, focus on doing what you do best - making clients successful! We take care of all the contracts and you get paid.

Keep it up

Completing a project, finishing a training course, or adding a new certification - all of these activities allow you to add new skills and earn endorsements on existing skills, increasing your potential for more projects. As your 10K profile continues to expand, so will your opportunities within the Community!

From admin to entrepreneur

Listen to Salesforce Community veteran Justin Edelstein talk about how he began working with Salesforce, and how he went from accidental admin to business owner at Arkus. Learn from his insightful advice on starting and running a consulting business.