Medical Record Associates


“10K has the talent on tap for whatever level of Salesforce skills you need. We’re getting the resources of a large firm on an SMB budget.”

- Charlie Saponaro, CEO, MRA

MRA Modernizes on Salesforce, Turning to 10K Advisors as its Guide and Extended Team

Customer situation

Community hospitals have enormous pressure. Not only are they responsible for patient care, but hospital administrators and staff are now expected to compete with facilities and networks far larger than themselves. Medical Record Associates (MRA) has been helping hospitals manage their health information for more than 30 years, but like the customers it serves, the company found itself under pressure to modernize. In order to compete with the billion dollar behemoths of the health information management (HIM) industry, MRA needed to overhaul its back-end and customer-facing systems – and do it quickly.

After a false start trying to build a new system from scratch, MRA decided to hitch its wagon to Salesforce. Building on top of the Salesforce platform allowed MRA to offer the reliability, security and scalability required in HIM, and focus efforts instead on advancing its services. To do this, MRA’s CEO Charlie Saponaro knew he needed help. If Salesforce was going to be core to his future, Charlie needed a trusted guide who could help him navigate the Salesforce ecosystem and bring the necessary skills and manpower MRA needed to make the most of its technology investments.

The 10K difference

Charlie, MRA’s CEO, explains how 10K Advisors hit the ground running. “From a business standpoint, 10K helped us figure out where we needed to go and worked with us to map out the plan both near-term and long-term. They brought us best practices from other businesses they’ve worked with in other industries, and helped us identify challenges and opportunities we hadn’t even thought of ourselves.”

As a 200-person business serving over 100 hospitals across the U.S., MRA didn’t have the support staff to build, maintain or manage its Salesforce system. They also recognized the need to focus on what they did well and partner with someone on the technology side. Charlie turned to 10K and its curated community of experts to find the talent MRA needed, from high level and high demand technical architect skills to more basic but just as critical admin and reporting assistance. “We are always evolving as a service provider and the platform had more than we needed. Working with 10K allows us to throttle up and down the ever changing needs we have as a company in today’s healthcare market,” said Charlie.

Charlie also looks to the 10K team for help navigating the Salesforce ecosystem, making introductions when needed and providing trusted advice on topics ranging from pricing to new features. “10K is a partner not just within our business but also in how we interact with Salesforce. When you’re a smaller company dealing with a multi-billion dollar company, having someone with insider knowledge is critical,” said Charlie.

Charlie Saponaro, CEO, MRA

“10K Advisors always put our needs ahead of hitting a revenue target, which really lowered the barrier to a healthy working relationship.”