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“Ask the Expert” Webinar Series: Pardot vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With Salesforce MVP’s Ines Garcia and Jared Miller It’s no secret Salesforce is much more than just a CRM. While it may have started out that way, over the years…


A Practical Guide to Starting Up in the Salesforce Ecosystem

By Nick Hamm, CEO 10K Advisors Have you been considering going out on your own, becoming your own boss and embracing entrepreneurship in the Salesforce ecosystem? Whether it’s as an…


Introducing 10K’s “Ask the Expert” Webinar Series for Salesforce Professionals

Webinars may be old school, but they can still be surprisingly helpful.  That’s why we at 10K Advisors are creating a new educational webinar series called “Ask an Expert” to…


“Ask the Expert” Webinar Series: From Salesforce Admin to Entrepreneur

Our inaugural webinar, “From Salesforce Admin to Entrepreneur,” provides personal and practical advice to those who are thinking about starting or expanding a business in the Salesforce ecosystem. 10K CEO…


“What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?” A Q&A with OpMentors Co-Founder Jocelyn Fennewald

By Mike Martin, Chief Customer Officer “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” That’s a powerful question at any time, but especially during these uncertain, crazy times when a…


Education is the Best Way to Get More from Salesforce (Part 6 of 6-part COE Series)

By Nick Hamm, CEO The last five posts in our six-part Center of Excellence (COE) series have covered the team roles and structures of a COE, the delivery standards and…


Why a Support Process is a Vital Component of a Salesforce COE (Part 5 of 6-part COE Series)

By Nick Hamm, CEO The previous posts in our Center of Excellence (COE) series have covered everything from team roles and structures to delivery standards and processes to effective governance…


5 Tips for Working with Offshore Partners

When it comes to Salesforce configuration and development, the trend of looking outside company walls for necessary skills and expertise is nothing new. In fact, it could be the way…


Working with Offshore Teams: A Q&A with Abhinav Gupta

By Jared Miller Our CEO Nick Hamm recently wrote a post about working with offshore partners to fill Salesforce talent needs (if you haven’t read that, we recommend you start…


Working with Offshore Teams: Q&A with Ankit Arora

By Jared Miller Did you know that developers and technical architects are not only some of the most difficult to find roles in the Salesforce ecosystem, they are also the…

Governance model for Salesforce Center of Excellence

Process that Speeds, Not Slows: Establishing an Effective Governance Model for Salesforce (Part 4 of 6-Part COE Series)

By Nick Hamm If you asked most companies why they bought Salesforce, “speed” or “agility” would probably top the list. Companies gravitate to a platform like Salesforce because they want…


How to Build a Well Oiled Delivery Machine for Your Salesforce COE  (Part 3 of 6-part COE series)

By Nick Hamm, CEO Our last blog in the Center of Excellence (COE) series described the team, roles and structure that will help organizations run a highly successful Salesforce program.…