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Episode 4: Insights from Salesforce Community Veteran Shoby Abdi

In this episode, we speak with Salesforce Community veteran Shoby Abdi about how he started working on Salesforce, the importance of focusing on the human side of technology implementations, what…


Episode 3: Origin Stories from Matthew Lamb

In this episode, we talk about the origin story for 10K’s VP of Technology and Chief Architect, Matthew Lamb. Matt’s story recounts the time he spent at a usability company…


Episode 2: Origin Stories from Diane Shotton

In this episode, we talk about the origin story for 10K’s VP of Client Services, Diane Shotton. Her story covers how she transitioned from Financial Services to Salesforce consulting, her…


Episode 1: Origin Stories from Nick Hamm and Jared Miller

In this episode, we talk about the origin stories for Nick Hamm and Jared Miller. The stories cover their discovery of Salesforce, their roles and experience that brought them to…


3 Keys to Retaining Salesforce Talent

It’s time for the quarterly board meeting, and you need to pull some additional sales statistics from Salesforce to round out your report. Unfortunately, your go-to person for helping you…


Avoid These Mistakes When Working with an Overseas Development Partner

Working with consultants and developers in countries other than that of your own origin is not new, but it’s becoming increasingly common, especially in the world of Salesforce configuration and…