Best Practices for Highly Successful Salesforce Implementations

Are you seeing the return you want
from your Salesforce investment?

10K Advisors hired Dimensional Research to survey 300+ Salesforce program owners across North America and Europe to understand what structures, processes and
practices lead to a higher return on investment.
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Key Findings

Majority See
High ROI

97% report ROI on their Salesforce investment, with 58% reporting high ROI.

(Any) Kind of
Metrics Matter

24% of respondents don’t track success metrics. Of those, only 7% reported very high ROI.

Always Use

73% of those who give their implementation an A grade always use an architect.

Release More

73% of respondents who cite very high ROI also release the most frequently.

Partners Are

Only 6% of respondents said they don’t work with a consultant or contractor.

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10K’s experience with hundreds of Salesforce initiatives combined with this research has given us great insight into what works and what doesn’t when building a Salesforce program. We are offering select customers a free assessment of your Salesforce program to determine how it compares with these findings and best practices.

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