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Salesforce Operational Excellence Handbook: A Guide to Getting the Most ROI from Salesforce

“Slowing down is sometimes the best way to speed up.” – Mike Vance The world has been collectively asked to slow down, and we’re navigating the uncertainty of this time…

Governance model for Salesforce Center of Excellence

Process that Speeds, Not Slows: Establishing an Effective Governance Model for Salesforce (Part 4 of 6-Part COE Series)

By Nick Hamm If you asked most companies why they bought Salesforce, “speed” or “agility” would probably top the list. Companies gravitate to a platform like Salesforce because they want…


New Research to Help Unstick Your Salesforce Program and Release Your ROI

Why do some companies thrive with the Salesforce platform while others stagnate? I’ve spent 13+ years working in the Salesforce consulting ecosystem, and this question still comes up time and…


Press Release: 10K Research Identifies 5 Salesforce Best Practices That Lead to Higher ROI

10K’s Research Demonstrates a Strong Correlation Between High Return on Investment and Frequent Release Cycles, the Use of Architects and Centralized Governance Louisville, KY – June 17, 2019 – 10K…